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Lower Costs Without Cutting Benefits

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Add a FSA account to a benefit program with optional rollover or grace period to help members pay for copays, deductibles, and all other qualified out-of-pocket expenses with pre-tax funds. Employers have the choice to add member debit cards to make it easier for their employees to access their funds immediately, cutting down on out-of-pocket expenses.

FSA benefits include access to an online participants portal allowing users access to their accounts, view balances, and submit claims on the go.

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Employer Advantages

  • Tax savings when Employees use pre-tax dollars to fund their account

  • Enhance your benefit package for employee attraction and retention

  • Regularly scheduled check cycles and direct deposits for expense reimbursement

  • Detailed electronic reporting for accurate activity and government compliance

Employer Advantages

Employee Advantages

Employee Advantages

  • Lowers Annual Gross Taxable Income funding your account with pre-tax dollars

  • Online Portal with 24/7 Web and Mobile Access to Account balances, Claim information, and Online Claim filing portal.

  • Direct deposit reimbursements offered with all flex plans

  • Recurring payments can be setup for easy Orthodontia Payments once we are supplied the proper documentation.

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DCA plans are solely designed to pay for Dependent Care at a pre-tax incentive.

Eligible Expenses

  •  Dependent Care Expense MUST be incurred in order to allow the employee(and spouse if married) to be gainfully employed.

  • Dependent Care Expenses MUST be incurred for the care of dependents under the age of 13, or dependents that are physically or mentally incapable of self-care (such as elderly parents).

  • Annual limits for Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts are $5,000 ($2,500 for married filing separately).

Ineligible Expenses

  • Daycare for a child age 13 or older.

  • Kindergarten or school tuition (pre-school and before and after care is okay) 

  • Meals if separated from the cost of caring for the child

  • Summer Camp if it is an overnight camp

  • Payments to an employee's child or someone whom the employee (or the employee's spouse) could claim as a dependent.

Click below for access to the online portal!

Important things to consider

Dependent Care Account (DCA)

HealthCare Reimbursement Accounts (HRA)

HRA plans are employer sponsored and offer maximum employee healthcare benefits in conjunction with a high deductible health plan (HDHP). Employers set the HRA dollar amount for employee medical expenses and employees use these tax-free employer funds to pay for healthcare expenses. HRAs must be paired with a qualified Health Plan in order to be eligible for pre-tax deduction.

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