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We offer Flexible Benefit Plan Administration. This service includes Premium only plans, Full Cafeteria Style plans, and Flexible Spending Accounts both Medical and Dependent Care. Available at the employers request we have a debit card option as well as an online portal. Want to learn more, or interested in contacting our office for this service? Click below.


We offer Partially Self-Funded plans as well as Fully Self-Funded. We work hard to offer innovative plans to meet your needs, as well as not break your budget. In todays Insurance atmosphere these innovative individualized solutions set us apart from the rest. Our services offer an online portal to access your EOB history. Want to learn more, or interested in contacting our office for this service? Click Below.


A COBRA Administration solution should provide you with a simple, hassle-free solution for peace of mind. That is what you will get.

You want to focus on your core business, let us handle your COBRA administration needs. We ensure consistent, accurate, and follow all legal and regulatory compliance for all services rendered. Want to learn more, contact our office for this service. Click below.


BENEFITS, INC. is an independent Insurance Agency that does consulting and marketing of insurance plans. With our experience and expertise in the insurance industry, we are able to help you overcome obstacles and deal with the frustrations you will encounter with your insurance needs. We are an independent agency that works with a number of highly rated and reputable insurance companies. This enables us to find cost-effective insurance products and services that best fit your needs.

BENEFITS, INC. offers a full range of insurance products and services. We can help you with all of your insurance needs. We offer the following insurance products and services:

Consulting Services:


Employee Benefit Plan Consulting

 · Fully Insured, Partially Self-Funded & Self-      

   Funded Benefit Plans


Health Care Reform

 · Affordable Care Act


Plan Management

 · Plan Design

 · Various Funding Strategies

 · Reporting in a format that makes sense

 · Employee Meetings

 · Educate you and your employees


Insurance Products:


Group Products

 · Health Insurance

 · Stop – Loss Insurance

 · Life/AD&D

 · Long Term & Short Term Disability

 · Dental & Vision Insurance

 · Long Term Care (Nursing Home & Home

    Health Care)

 · Retirement Plans


Voluntary Products

 · Life/AD&D, Dental, Vision

 · Long Term & Short Term Disability Gap


Manage Care Products

 · PPO Networks

 · Prescription Drug Card

Administrative Services:


Claims Administration

(Partially Self-Funded & Self-Funded)

 · Medical (Section 105)

 · Dental

 · Vision

 · Disability


Flexible Benefit Plan Administration

(Section 125)

 · Premium Only Plans

 · Flexible Spending Accounts

               - Medical Accounts

               - Dependent Care Accounts

               - Limited FSA

               - Travel Account

               - Parking Account

 · Full Cafeteria Style Benefit Plan

 · Debit Cards


Consolidated Billings


Regulations & Compliance Issues

 · Government Reporting

 · COBRA Requirements

 · HIPAA Requirements

 · ERISA Regulations

 · State Mandated Coverages


HIPAA Administration

COBRA Administration

Coming Soon!

Benefits, Inc. is going to be offering a new service. Coming soon...


We believe it is our job to earn your business. Our organization will do everything possible to do that. We offer both Medical Plan Consulting and Employee Benefit Consulting. We would enjoy the opportunity to share our experience and knowledge about our industry. We use this to help our clients make the best, most informed decisions when putting together their benefit plans. Want to learn more, or interested in contacting our office for this service? Click Below.


126 College Drive,

PO Box 410

Decorah, IA 52101

Tel: 563-387-0789

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